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8th Jan 2010

Friday, January 8th, 2010

As freezing weather crosses the UK I and my team are preparing to create the third Ice Bear… this time in Quebec City Canada. We have partnered up with Equiterre a French Canadian not for profit company with very similar aims and ambitions as Ice Bear. Along with Equiterre we will create an Ice Bear that will travel across Canada hopefully as far as Vancouver to the Winter Olympics where it will in time melt telling its message. What is exciting however is that that is not the only interest in the project… We hope to be at Earth Day in Washington in April, may be in Denver in July and hope to be in New York at some point in between… may be we go on to Mexico for the next climate change conference… who knows but that will be the aim and mission of the Copenhagen skeleton. The London skeleton will be travelling in a different direction with luck… Sydney in August and then on to Hong Kong (we hope) and into China… Ice Bear is on the move.

We will be setting up pages on the site for all these missions as plans turn to reality… so stand by.

I might add that if there is anyone out there who feels that the bears message is require in their part of the world and that they would like to assist… drop us a line and lets see where we go from there.

Stay with us…!